Top 10 Things That Farmers Do When It’s Winter

We got to thinking, what would happen if Letterman had done a list of the top ten things that farmers do when it’s winter? What would that list look like?

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So, from the home office in Winchestertonfieldville, IA, here’s today’s Top Ten list of things that farmers do when it’s winter!

10. Build maps of the fields for next year using an Etch-A-Sketch. (OK, so maybe not an Etch-A-Sketch; they’re still mapping fields, figuring out what goes where.)

9. Make cold start videos for YouTube. (Ahem, we’re lookin’ at you over there, CuzIFarm)

8. Dream of water troughs that don’t freeze. (Iced-up water troughs end up killing livestock.)

7. Buy the things for next year. (Seed, diesel, fertilizer, supplies, and equipment.)

6. Fix the things that they broke when it wasn’t winter.

5. Fix the things that they broke when it WAS winter.

4. Add to their Snapchat story while waiting to unload grain with the rest of the seasonal SuperTruckers.

3. Move snow.

2. Whine about moving snow.

1. Get fired up to plant $2 corn again.

Seriously, though, lots of people seem to think that all farmers are AAA farmers – people who farm in April, August, and then spend their time in Arizona. That’s bunk, people. Without doubt, there is ALWAYS something to do on a farm.

The winter is when farmers spend their time in one of four places. The semi, the shop, the snowplow, or the spreadsheet. Farmers haul grain, they fix what’s broken, and they push snow. When they’re not doing that, they’re crunching  numbers to estimate input costs down to the nickel. Yes, it’s probably a little slower than the spring or summer, but make no mistake, farmers are NOT sitting around doing nothing during the winter, or holding down a bar stool in Key West. There’s ALWAYS something to do on the farm.

Kyle McMahon

Owner at Tractor Zoom
Kyle McMahon is the founder of Tractor Zoom and leads the company as CEO. As a 3rd generation entrepreneur, Kyle grew up with hard work and curiosity ingrained in his demeanor. Kyle and his Tractor Zoom team are 2018 award winners in the John Pappajohn Entrepreneur Venture Competition.
Kyle McMahon