Why we’re thankful (and why 2020 might not be a complete train wreck…).

Typically you’ll find lots of Thanksgiving day posts that talk about why we all come together, eat way more than we should, and remind ourselves why we love our families (or why we’re vacationing in Mexico next year).

This ain’t about that…because most of that won’t happen this year. Lots of Thanksgiving dinners may end up happening via Facetime or Zoom. Definitely not ideal.

I mean, let’s face it; it’s been a long, utterly ridiculous year. From pandemics to weird weather events that happen like once in a bajillion years, murder hornets, civil unrest in multiple countries and wildfires…this year is unlike any year we’ve ever seen.


This hasn’t been all bad. There have been some good things that have happened during this year that we can be thankful for. Let’s recap a few, shall we? Some of these are funny, some are poignant, and some are a mix of both. The main thing is that they all happened and they all helped us deal with the year we’ve had.

(A few of these were even meme-worthy!)

        • Beans haven’t been this high since July of 2014!

          12bucksoybeans Copy
          In a tough year, at least we’ve got this going for us right now…
        • Generally speaking, yields have been a fair bit higher than anybody predicted.
        • Amazingly enough, the stock market hit 30K for the first time in history!
        • We rallied around all of those small businesses that have sponsored our kids’ little league teams for years when they needed it most.
        • Lots of people HAVE beaten COVID-19, like the 103 year-old lady who celebrated by cracking open a Bud Light.
        • We went outside for stuff other than farming. Some of us rode bicycles for the first time in ages this summer.
        • Drive-in theaters ran out of parking spaces for the first time since the 70s! (Who EVER thought that would happen?)

          Drive Ins.fastandfurious2plus2
          Best movie of the year, I’m tellin’ ya…
        • Lots of businesses learned how to roll with the punches, and some even thrived! (A big shoutout to our Tractor Zoom auction partners here; for a lot of them, moving to an entirely online presence for their auctions was a huge leap of faith; we’re proud of all of you guys who made it work!)
        • Tiger King came out and completely redefined the concept of a dumpster fire. Somehow it got us all talking and took our minds off of everything for a minute.

          (No Steigers were harmed in the making of this meme.)
        • We learned to love and hate Zoom, and we all felt pretty stupid when our kids and younger siblings knew how to use it better than we did.
        • In response to that…we taught them how to play Monopoly and then enjoyed every second of dropping hotels on Park Place & Boardwalk, knowing that they were screwed when it was their turn next.
        • We put our phones down for a while and reconnected with our families.
        • We finally crossed a few more things off the Honey-Do list, much to the amazement of our spouses.
        • When we picked up our phones again, TikTok had happened. Farmers started dancing on camera for the amusement of others, we learned that bacon-wrapped Hot Pockets are amazing when you put ’em on the smoker, and a dude on a skateboard got us listening to Fleetwood Mac again.
        • We adopted animals in need of a companion, and found that the love we received was far greater.
        • We somehow figured out how to make drive-through birthday parties fun for our kids. We became heroes when we gave rolls of toilet paper away as party favors.
        • We learned that teachers have superpowers that we can’t even dream of having, and we’ve developed and entirely new level of respect for them.
        • We sat down for home cooked meals again – as a family.
        • We took a little more time helping our neighbors with things like planting and harvest, just because it was nice to spend time with them, and because we know darn well they’d do the same for us.
        • We picked up our phones again and reconnected with our friends who we hadn’t talked to in ages.
        • We still have land and animals, and our passion for taking care of both.
        • We learned to be more thankful for the little things, and suddenly the little things weren’t so little anymore.


        So what’s my point in all of this? In a normal year, most of this stuff wouldn’t have ever made a “good things that happened” list. Teaching your kids how to play Candy Land is cool and all, but in a normal year it wouldn’t likely have even cracked the top 100, y’know? Even though COVID-19 has temporarily changed the way we live our lives, maybe there are a few changes that were for the better. It’s made us look at little things a little differently, and hopefully appreciate them more.

        At Tractor Zoom and Iron Comps…one of the things that we’re most thankful for is YOU. For whatever part we play in your life, we’re grateful to be a part of it. Happy Thanksgiving, y’all!

        Lastly, this showed up in our Twitter feed today, and man alive, if there isn’t a better dude to psych you up for Thanksgiving…

        Channel your inner Matthew McConaughey (or @wes_nship), and have a happy Thanksgiving, y’all!