The Most Interesting Equipment We’ve Seen Cross The Auction Block in 2019!

“Ryan, you must see interesting equipment auctions all the time. What’s the coolest stuff you’ve ever seen on Tractor Zoom?”

I get this question all the time, and we DO see some pretty interesting equipment auctions every week. In fact, I write a fun weekly email about that; it’s called Interesting Iron, and you can sign up for it here!

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The Ups & Downs of Restructuring Debt

Restructuring Debt

In times of positive cash flow, producers have more financing freedom. Though it carries higher initial cash outlays, securing short-term financing can reduce term debt quicker and at a lower overall cost.

But when times are financially tight, and cash flow more restrictive, short-term financing – or outright cash purchases – can put a larger, more immediate financial strain on an operation. Sure, you’re paying less interest in the long run, but larger short-term financing payments can be enough to sink some operations. This is especially true when facing a continually challenging marketplace, as producers are today. Continue reading “The Ups & Downs of Restructuring Debt”

What do I do with Grandpa’s old Farmall? Help!

Farmall M tractor
If you don’t know what to do with Grandpa’s old Farmall, keep reading. We can help point you in the right direction. If you’re looking to buy an old Farmall, click the photo to browse tractors at auction.

We get questions like this sent to our Facebook page and emails all the time. Typically, they come from family members who are trying to tie up loose ends on a loved one’s estate. It’s usually an old John Deere tractor that Uncle Ronnie tinkered with in the garage, or Grandpa’s old Farmall. Every now and again, however, it’s something entirely different. Two weeks ago, someone needed advice on how to get a combine removed from a property that they’d just purchased. Continue reading “What do I do with Grandpa’s old Farmall? Help!”

I’m Meeting With an Ag Lender, Now What?

Meeting With Ag Lender

So you’ve got a meeting with an ag lender. Now what? On the surface, the process of getting an ag loan can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be that way. You just need to know what to expect, and you need to think like the bank in preparation.

At the end of the day, the bank needs to know that you’re going to pay back the money that you’re asking for. Continue reading “I’m Meeting With an Ag Lender, Now What?”

How to Assemble the Right Farm Succession Team

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Planning for the successful inter-generational transfer of a farm ideally begins years before the process is required. Planning ahead ensures that when a farm family reaches the succession juncture, both predecessor and successor are positioned for a smooth transition.

Part of making that happen lies in assembling a team of people trained to take operations through the success process. It’s important to have the right stakeholders involved to make the difficult decisions involved with transitioning a family business. These are the men and women on whom the livelihood of the farm depends, and who typically have a vested interest in the operation’s success. Continue reading “How to Assemble the Right Farm Succession Team”

Advertising for Ag Lenders and Insurers: Stay Visible to Local Farmers

Staying top of mind for farmers in your territory while maintaining current client relationships can be a challenge—how do you stay relevant to a highly refined group of potential customers and make the most of your marketing dollars?

As a Tractor Zoom Preferred Partner, ag lenders and insurance agents can reach an audience 100% aligned to agriculture—many of whom are close to making a purchasing decision at auction.

A Tractor Zoom Preferred Partner can connect with farmers searching for equipment in specific zip codes. Your brand and contact information is displayed alongside the farm machinery being searched for by buyers in your serviceable counties. The buyer will purchase equipment from any auction in the US, but they’re highly likely to finance and insure locally. Continue reading “Advertising for Ag Lenders and Insurers: Stay Visible to Local Farmers”

Top 10 Things That Farmers Do When It’s Winter

We got to thinking, what would happen if Letterman had done a list of the top ten things that farmers do when it’s winter? What would that list look like?

Click Here to See How Letterman Finds a Tractor Auction

So, from the home office in Winchestertonfieldville, IA, here’s today’s Top Ten list of things that farmers do when it’s winter! Continue reading “Top 10 Things That Farmers Do When It’s Winter”

The 5 Biggest Tractors Available in the States Today

Lots of companies, bloggers, and other ag media outlets have done lists of the biggest tractors on the planet—so that’s what we’re gonna do too.

Wait a minute…

Why would we do a list like everybody else? We do stuff different around here and you probably already know the basics of that list anyway. Big Bud, that big Versatile eight wheel thing that hasn’t been made in 40 years, blah blah blah.  How ’bout we do something more relevant with our list?  Continue reading “The 5 Biggest Tractors Available in the States Today”

Unique Minneapolis Moline corn planter barn find in Illinois!

Screen Shot 2019 03 01 At 10.40.23 AM

So I had a really interesting one come across my desk this morning, and wanted to share it with you! MinnieMo peeps, your ears should be burning right about now.  Dale Jones, one of our longstanding auctioneers from Illinois, called me this morning about a nearly pristine Minneapolis Moline No. 25 two-row corn planter from the 1920s. He’s auctioning it off at the estate sale of John Bridger next weekend (March 9). Here’s the story. Continue reading “Unique Minneapolis Moline corn planter barn find in Illinois!”